Analyze, plot, and showcase your research with seamless automation
Analyze, plot, and showcase your research with seamless automation
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Statistics and data science quick and easy for medical researchers.
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Cut down on time spent analyzing data. Our automated workflows eliminate tedious data work, allowing you to achieve results faster than ever before - without coding or a steep learning curve.

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The image displays a screenshot of AICU`s  software interface. The interface presents a 'Tabular Data View' with data categories such as ID, Status, Weight, Gender, Drug, Ascites, Hepatomegaly, and more, facilitating a no-code, simplified data preparation process. An overlay shows the 'Automated Data Preparation' module at 60% completion, alongside options for tailoring the analysis through criteria such as 'Analysis Goal' and 'Data Type'. A 'Next' button indicates the ease of moving to subsequent analysis steps, emphasizing AICU's commitment to enhancing healthcare research with efficient, accessible data management.
Informed Decisions


Tailored specifically for medical research at university clinics, our solutions ensure accuracy, replicability and reliability in every step of your research journey. Gain valuable insights from your data with robust analytics tools.

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Interactive 'Training Results' dashboard screen from AICU's healthcare SaaS, depicting a data science model evaluation. The display includes a confusion matrix, a pie chart splitting the training and test set distribution, and a performance metrics section with mAP, precision, and recall rates. Additional analysis tools for 'Edema' and 'Weight' categories show a probability distribution, highlighting AICU's capabilities in delivering precise medical data analysis and predictive modeling insights.


Visualize trends, uncover patterns, and make informed decisions with ease to present your work immediately without switching tools.

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A screenshot showing AICU's 'Select Plot' interface with an overlay for creating a bubble chart in a healthcare analytics dashboard. The configuration options include selecting 'Platelets' for the Y-Axis and 'N Days' for the X-Axis, with a detailed bubble chart below illustrating the distribution of Albumin across Triglycerides levels over a number of days. This visualization tool highlights AICU's advanced plotting capabilities in medical research data analysis, enabling users to customize and generate insightful graphical data representations.

Work Flows and Trends

Embracing the Future: The Intersection of Healthcare, AI, Data Analytics, and Statistics
February 21, 2019

AI is transforming diagnostics and enabling preemptive health interventions, while data analysis offers critical insights into healthcare trends, emphasizing data security. These developments are steering healthcare towards a more proactive, customized, and data-driven approach, aiming to improve patient care and system efficiency.

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