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Interface screenshot of AICUS's 'Filter Data' section, a feature within the automated workflow of their medical research platform, which incorporates AI and statistics. The image shows options to filter data by status, sex, and bilirubin levels with logical operators, accompanied by 'Next' and 'Done' buttons, highlighting the tool's capability for precise research data management.
Research Tools
An automated workflow on our platform.
AI and Statistics
Interactive data visualization interface displayed on AICUS's Custom Apps page, showing a box plot graph for Albumin, binned, and Bilirubin. Below the graph are data augmentation options for tabular data and time series. The page invites users to discuss new use cases without existing datasets, with a 'Next' button ready to proceed, emphasizing the platform's flexibility for custom application development in medical research.
Custom Data Pipelines
Explain and Analyze your Data with Statistics and AI.
Multimodality and XAI
Screenshot of the AICUS platform's Custom Data Processing modal, featuring options for handling NaN values and data augmentations for tabular and time series analysis. The modal is part of the Custom Data Pipelines tool, designed to explain and analyze research data using advanced statistics and AI, highlighted by the 'Next' button on the screen.
Custom Apps
You have a new use case without any existing datasets? Let's talk.
Data Aggregation and Curation
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